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Ennis Trad Fest

November 15, 2011

Last Monday saw the close of Ennis Trad Fest for another year. My first trip to this festival and it didn’t disappoint. My sister had been raving about how great Ennis Trad Fest was all year so I was really looking forward to going. This is definitely a festival that lovers of trad should try to get to at some stage as apart from the great line up that’s organised it attracts some of greatest traditional musicians around.

Co. Clare is renowned for its excellent musicians and it has long been considered the heartland of traditional Irish music. Thousands flocked to Ennis this weekend for the much anticipated festival that is now in its 18th year. Over the course of the weekend there was ceili’s, numerous CD launches, competitions, classes and of course sessions galore. Some of the musicians that were playing were Peter Browne, Michelle O’Brien, Arty McGlynn and the group Dervish.

We headed to a few different pubs around the town including Fafa’s, Knoxes and then to the Auburn Lodge for the now nearly famous “trad disco”. There was a great atmosphere in Fafa’s with a few musicians I know playing including some of the lads from new traditional music group Portherhead and well known piper Blackie O Connell. We strolled through the town to get a few more sessions and popped into Knox’s. There was a nice session going on down the back with a handful of musicians. It was great listening to music in a quieter spot before heading to the madness of the trad disco!

If you haven’t been to a trad disco yet – get yourself to one! Mighty craic! It is exactly as it sounds, a disco playing trad music. I’m not sure what sort of dance moves were being thrown about the dance floor but suffice to say there might have been a few sore muscles (and perhaps heads) the next day!

Unfortunately I had to head back to Dublin early the next day so it was a short trip but well worth the visit.

For a list of sessions and festivals check out

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